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Anarchy is an event-based — social deduction game with hidden objectives, hand management, and resource management. Players act as councilors who vote on the outcome of events — changing the kingdom's resources and the game's landscape. 

At the start of the game, players receive one of five hidden roles. Four of these roles have objectives tied to one of the four resources available to the kingdom; Gold, Culture, Magic, or Knights. 

Hidden objectives force councilors to balance the kingdom's well-being with their self-interest — leading to back-room deals, fragile alliances, and assassinations. 


The Anarchist is the fifth role. Their objective isn't tied to a specific resource. Instead, their goal is to throw the kingdom into anarchy by reducing one of the resources to zero. 

Throughout the game, councilors vote on events that change the resources available to the kingdom. There are four types of event cards; Charters, Disasters, Assassinations, and Abilities. 

Players manage event cards in their hands and play them strategically based on their objectives.

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Players are removed from the game by anonymous votes of assassination.

Players can use ability cards to gain an extra edge at any point.

The game ends in two ways: anarchy or peace. The game ends in anarchy if any of the four resources hits zero. But if all the anarchists are assassinated before the kingdom falls into anarchy, the game ends in peace. 

Everyone but the Anarchists share victory if the game ends in peace. However, if the game ends in anarchy, the Anarchists win along with the players whose resource is the highest.

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